Brands are nothing without attitude

brand clothing are nothing without attitude

Brands are nothing without attitude

Fashion is all about class, attitude and how you choose to wear different styles. But you knew the fact that if you wear more than three colors, the risk looking like a parrot is high? I don’t think you want that, especially if you go on a date or you have a meeting with someone important.

Me for example, I have fashion days and homeless days. Either I look faboulous or all messed up. There no between. When I go out, I try to mix my clothes to look good on me. I don’t accessorize too much, but I don’t go anywhere without lipstick or lipgloss, even when I’m not in a good mood. It’s a rule.

Nowadays, fashion is important. Extremely important! And not only for woman, men are interested too, and that’s ok. The only thing that is not ok is that we care very much about our look. We buy expensive clothes though they don’t look good on us. I will say something that haters gonna hate. The brand is important. Especially for Romanian people.

From the moment you arrived here, you are scanned – What you wear, your shoes, accessories, hair, everything MUST BE PERFECT. If you are not glamourous and all fashioned up, the critics and judgements start!

Maybe I overreact, maybe not. I have this opinion because I had the chance to live overseas and there all the things are way too different. I lived in Spain. There people don’t care how expensive your clothes are or about what are you wearing, they care about you as a human being. And I think all of us should do the same. Let’s keep brands and clothes at a decent level.

brand clothing are nothing without attitude

Back to Romania, I think all this fashion thing became a mess. Women are wearing fluffy flip-flops ( It’s 2018, It’s over with bunny shoes, ok?) men are wearing slim jeans, flowery shirts. I know that not only in our beautiful country it’s this fashion trend. They are all inspired from the Hollywood celebrities. But this is not fucking Hollywood, baby!

Take this fashion advice – You can wear all the brand clothing you want. If the attitude is missing, you did NOTHING. I often wonder, where the hell the black suit and the little black dress went???? 😦

Once upon a time a wise man said : Less is the NEW MORE!

How about you? It matters for you the brand clothing? 🙂

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