Timisoara – two restaurants, one effect – a mouthwatering

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

Let me ask you something: have you ever been to Timisoara? If Yes good choice, if not, what are you waiting for? Chill, I’m not going to explain you the history of the city. You can find it here 

I don’t know about you, but when I go out to have lunch or dinner, I like the place to be, or at least have a comfy and cozy atmosphere. How romantic.Somehow, a lot of places in Timisoara aren’t, unfortunately, that way.

Since I’m an explorer, I wanted to discover where in my beautiful town can I enjoy my lunch or dessert and feel relaxed at the same time. I found some nice places, just the way I want. I’m sure there are many others but I’ll share it with you two of them!

The special guest today is NARU. When I first heard about it, I didn’t even know what exactly it is. I saw an ad on Facebook with a delicious cheesecake and my first thought was – I have to try this cheesecake! When you say dessert, you say Lavinia. That’s it.

So, one night I went with one of my friends to meet the delicious NARU cheesecake. We didn’t know exactly the location, so was a little bit tough to find it, although it’s in the Union Square. Google Maps never let us down, though.

When we walked in, we had a lovely surprise about this place. Everything seems delicate: decor, the chairs and tables. They have a beautiful piano at the entrance.

What I liked the most was the book shelters filled with books. You can read a book until your food is ready. The elegant air makes you feel like you are in a fairytale. They even have fur on some chairs which makes them fluffy. Obviously, I sat on one of them.

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

It was a rainy and cold evening so I decided to drink something hot. I chose hot chocolate with marshmallows. One word, one feeling – DIVINE! I know you want to know my opinion about that delicious cheesecake.

Well, I didn’t order cheesecake. But I order mousse du chocolate. When I first taste, It felt like Heaven. I don’t know how Heaven tastes, but you know what I mean. Dessert porn it’s the right word (it’s even a word?!?).

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

The second time I went to NARU, I decided to try the food, to see if it’s as good as the dessert. With pasta, you can’t fail, mostly. So I ordered pasta a ‘l Carbonara. Good choice, I said to myself. Actually, it was a good choice. Well-cooked and the taste was Italian taste! NARU doesn’t have a menu with plenty dishes but you know…less is the new more.

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

NARU by name is special. If you’re curious about it, let me tell you that I had the pleasure to meet one of the owners and ask him about the name. He told me that NARU has a Japanese origin which means “to become”. I meditate on that phrase and I realized how powerful can be. Because “to be” it’s easy, but “to become” it’s the hardest.

NARU it’s definitely a cozy place with a comfy atmosphere. They have attentive and lovely staff, which is very important! I think not only NARU but every restaurant, pub or coffee shop should have a considerate staff because the way you treat your clients says a lot about you!

Finally, I recommend you NARU because I think it’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner. It’s pure, elegant just like every date should be. Do you want to impress her? Take her to NARU. She will love it.

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

The other place I want to tell you is Homemade. From the first minute I walked in, a strange but nice feeling hit me. The decor was quite interesting, which is intended to make you feel like… home.

Well, we began our lovely evening with two “yummy” apple juice and apple juice with blueberries. All home made. That means healthy and fresh. How cool is that?! I guess that’s why they chose “Homemade” as the restaurant’s name. Wow, “big discovery”!

What’s next after drinks? FOOD! A woman never knows what or where to eat. It’s a fact. I’m not an exception. My friend recommends me (because he already ate it) stuffed chicken with fraîche cream, bacon, dried tomatoes and basil with a side dish of spinach and gorgonzola sauce. Two words: flavored and tasty.

The chicken was well cooked. Usually, the spinach is not my best friend, but this one was quite good. I don’t always carry the camera with me (bad habit), so I take photos with my phone. Sorry for the quality.

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

My friend chose turkey chest with a baby carrot. I didn’t try it but after his words, he made a good choice. He didn’t let me take photos! Also, the menu doesn’t have plenty of dishes, which makes the decision much easier (especially for a woman).

Moving on, the dessert menu doesn’t offer you much to choose from. They had only two desserts: lava cake (not my favorite) and Panacotta with pumpkin. I passed.

As a location, Homemade it’s not in the center of the city, but not far from it, a 15 minutes walk. You just have to type Homemade and Google Maps will get you there!

Timişoara - two restaurants, one effect - a mouthwatering

      Homemade photo credit

Overall, our experience at Homemade was great. I recommend this restaurant because it’s not too noisy, we could talk without yelling at each other. We went on a Thursday; I don’t know what the ambiance is on the weekend.

The most important thing: we could enjoy our dinner in a relaxed manner. I will definitively come back to taste another delicious homemade dishes.

Like I said, there are a lot of restaurants for any taste in Timisoara. But if you don’t know what to choose, I gladly recommend you NARU and HOMEMADE.

What’s your favorite place for lunch in Timisoara? 🙂

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