About Me


about me

First of all, I wanna tell you the story of this blog. It took me a while until I’ve had the courage to create it. I was scared because people talk, they judge, so what if nobody will read what I’m writing and so on.

So, I dared and I did it! I realized there is nothing to be afraid, people will always judge, either it’s something good or something bad.

It won’t be a blog based on a single subject. The reason is simple. I see and hear so many things that I don t wanna be limited to write about a single thing. It will be mixed with love and…sarcasm and It will contain personal opinions.

I don’t wanna consider myself a guru, I don’t follow all my friend’s advice, so neither do I wanna tell you what to do. Just love what you do!

It’s time to share some things about me:

I’m joyful, with the sense of humour and I like sweets & dogs. I’m collecting lipsticks, red matte is my best friend. I’m sarcastic ( almost) all the time. I enjoy reading, almost everything, except Science Fiction and police novels. I have a problem with people who disrespect the grammar of any language. I enjoy loving myself and to be loved. 🙂